4 Questions to ask if you’re in a pedestrian accident

Law Offices of Steven Zwick
May 14 2020

In today’s fast-paced world, we sometimes forget that there are laws that protect pedestrians just as much as there are laws that protect other cars. If you’re in a pedestrian accident, you may be protected and entitled to compensation for any or all of the injuries you sustained. Navigating personal injury law and finding out what relief is available can sometimes be frustrating; here are four questions to ask yourself if you’ve been involved in a pedestrian accident.

What Constitutes a Pedestrian Accident?

Bicycle accidents, car accidents involving a pedestrian, and even run-ins with loose dogs can all result in a pedestrian personal injury claim. Personal injury law protects pedestrians when drivers or other motorists are not exercising the right amount of due care to protect someone who’s walking, running, or traveling down the sidewalk. Even a trip and fall in a crosswalk can be considered a pedestrian accident depending on the facts; a personal injury lawyer can help you tell the difference and find out if you are owed any compensation.

What Kind of Injuries are Caused?

Whether you’re hit by a car while crossing the street or you experience a bicycle accident on the sidewalk, the types of personal injury associated with pedestrian accidents can be serious and have a long-lasting effect. Pedestrian accidents can result in spinal cord injuries, broken bones, nerve damage, torn ligaments, and severe physical and mental trauma. Personal injury law can see that you get compensated if you’ve experienced an injury so make sure you disclose any and all injuries if and/or when you need an attorney.

Who is at Fault?

This is the trickiest question in a personal injury law case. There are a variety of factors that come into play when you’re dealing with a pedestrian accident. You might be innocent of wrongdoing or bear some to all of the fault depending on where you were standing or what you were doing when the accident happened. Drivers have a responsibility to be on the lookout for pedestrians and practice a certain level of care, but if you were crossing the street when you weren’t supposed to or using your phone in an ill-timed manner, that can put some of the negligence into your hands.

What Happens Next?

A large majority of personal injury cases are settled before the trial happens – around 95-96%. However, in some situations, your personal injury attorney may have to represent you in court. Whether you end up settling your case or have to go to trial, just remember to be as honest and upfront with your attorney as possible. You have hired them to represent you for the best outcome and they can only help you if they know all the facts.

Pedestrian accidents are more common than we realize and many receive compensation for injuries sustained while they were a pedestrian. If you’ve been in a pedestrian accident, don’t wait; search “personal injury lawyer near me” to find the attorney who can best represent your case or contact our team today to get started.