7 Tips to help you choose the right personal injury attorney

Law Offices of Steven Zwick
Jun 17 2020

An accident can happen in a matter of seconds. Some accidents are relatively minor and only cause property damage. However, when there is an injury to a person in an accident, a potential personal injury case might be inevitable. Most people do not think too much about personal injury lawyers until they are in an accident.

The reasons for these accidents vary. Slips, trips, and fall injuries account for about 25% of all reported injury claims annually. The other 75% includes all money of serious injuries ranging from workplace injuries to motor vehicle injuries. However, dealing with any one of them requires the skills and expertise of an attorney. Below are tips to help you find a personal injury lawyer or a reputable law firm after an accident.

1. Specialties

Personal injury lawyers take on a wide range of cases. While it can be tempting to choose a lawyer who handles varied cases, it may not be the right option. You should consider selecting a lawyer or firm that handles personal injury cases exclusively. For example, if one is injured in a car accident, find a personal injury lawyer who specializes in car crashes.

2. Workforce

A large, more experienced firm handles big caseloads because they have the capacity and workforce for the same. You want to choose a firm or a personal injury attorney that works relentlessly on your case. This way, you can rest assured they can assemble the evidence needed to strengthen your case.

3. Credentials

A good attorney has positive reviews from previous happy clients. Great lawyers have a long track record of successfully settling cases and bring many years of experience to ensure clients are adequately represented.

It is important to know that your injury lawyer will get you a commensurate settlement if you were severely injured during the accident.

4. Financial Strength

Catastrophic injury cases arising from accidents are incredibly complicated. Successful lawyers who specialize in complex litigation can advance the funds required to pay for medical specialists, actuarial accountants, and medical record reviews.

5. Professional Experience

A personal injury lawyer can have many years of experience or relatively few. Having on or the other does not necessarily mean that they win all their cases. However, attorneys with more experience tend to have more intricate knowledge of the law in comparison to new attorneys. With this extensive knowledge and expertise, they are in a better positioned to represent you in court.

6. Convenience

A law firm should make it easy for a client to hire a personal injury lawyer, especially when the case involves a severe injury. Some injury attorneys will even discuss certain aspects of your case and provide a bit of free legal advice. They also ensure that they make it easy for you, the client, to reach them, especially when you can’t visit their premises.

7. Compassion

People who are recovering from serious vehicle crash injuries are not only financially vulnerable but maybe emotionally unstable. They deserve a lawyer who practices with the utmost professionalism but is also empathetic when helping navigate the personal injury claim process. Find a personal injury lawyer that offers the right representation for you and your family.

In Conclusion

Choosing an injury lawyer is an important decision that should only be made after careful consideration of all factors involved. Studies reveal that accident victims receive better compensation when they work with a lawyer than when they represent themselves. Do not settle for less than you deserve, both in resolving your case and choosing a lawyer.