Car accidents are on the rise

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Apr 14 2020

On the frontlines of personal injuries are personal injury law firms. Personal injury law firms are staying busy due to an increase in car accidents. Car accident lawyers are getting more calls than ever from people that have sustained a personal injury during an accident.

It is estimated about 3 million people every year are involved in some sort of vehicle-related accident. Over the last decade, the numbers have increased steadily. What is causing more car accident claims than ever?

Potential Reasons Personal Injury Law Firms Stay Busy

It is undeniable that there has been an uptick in car accidents over recent years. Since 2014 there has been an increase by about 14% of car accident fatalities, and about a 20% increase in auto-related personal injuries.

There are a few theories as to why there has been an increased number of car accident cases. Here are some of the believed to be contributing factors:

  • Distracted driving
  • An increase due to natural population growth
  • Heavy reliance on driver-assisted technologies

Of all the theories, distracted driving gets the most attention. More people than ever are paying attention to their phones instead of the road. There has been extensive research done when it comes to texting and driving (one of the leading causes of car accidents for personal vehicles).

Distracted Driving, What is It?

Taking your eyes off the road for more than 2 seconds can lead to an accident. Last years about 390,000 accidents were attributed to driving while texting, one of the most notorious and dangerous forms of distracted driving.

While texting is one of the most recognized forms of distracted driving it is not the only form. Putting on makeup while driving, looking over documents, even eating while you are driving is all distracted driving. Paying attention to the road is a must.

A car accident lawyer is often consulted after a distracted driving incident. Car accident attorneys step in and manage the claim for their clients. If you are a car accident victim, you need an experienced Laguna Niguel personal injury attorney.

Dealing with the car accident claims process can be taxing when you try to manage it on your own. Whether the accident is your fault or not due to distracted driving, having an attorney on your side is vital.