How to choose a law firm: 3 criteria

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Dec 28 2017

Did you know that the Journal of the Medical Association reports 225,000 deaths resulting from medical malpractice each year? This alarming statistic shows that even though we trust doctors, they are imperfect. Malpractice is all too common in medicine and can often have the worst consequences. If you or someone you know is the victim of medical malpractice in a personal injury case, the first step you should take is seeking legal advice.

How to Choose a Law Firm
In your fight for justice, your argument is often only as strong as your team of lawyers. Choosing a law firm to protect your rights can be difficult, but the following are some ways to make the decision easier.


  1. Attentiveness
    How does the firm respond to your requests? If you are waiting in the lobby for a meeting, does the staff take care of you? Does your lawyer know the details of your case before your meeting? These are all important questions to pay attention to when choosing representation. The more attentive a law firm is to your needs, the more comfortable you can feel with them handling your case.
  2. Field of Work
    The area(s) the law firm practices in should dictate whether you decide to go there. If, say, you have been wronged by medical malpractice relating to a naturally contracted illness, you shouldn’t necessarily seek out a car accident attorney. Find the lawyers with the highest degree of knowledge and experience in your type of case. They will know the specific laws pertaining to your situation much more fluently than other well-qualified attornies.
  3. Personality
    If you dislike the lawyer representing you, this could be bad for your case. It might lead to a lack of forthrightness on your side. Lawyers need all of the information about the case that they can get. Anything that you don’t want to tell your lawyer might end up being the most important piece of the puzzle. That’s why you want an attorney with whom you can be totally honest.

Whatever legal advice you need, it is important to seek out a lawyer you trust, is experienced in the field, and pays close attention to your case and your needs.