Steps to take if you’ve been hit by a car as a pedestrian or cyclist (part two)

Law Offices of Steven Zwick
Jun 28 2018

In the last article, you learned the first few steps to take after being hurt in a car accident as a pedestrian or cyclist. In this next installment, you’ll learn the remaining steps to take following your accident.

Gather informationAfter you’ve called the police, you have some time to spare until they get there. Utilize this time efficiently by taking a lot of photos of the accident and gathering the driver’s information. Photos should be of anything and everything pertaining to the accident. Take pictures of the driver’s vehicle, your injuries (if visible), the roadway, witnesses, and anything else you think may be helpful. The more pictures you have, the clearer the entire image will be to officials and your insurance company. In bicycle accidents, be sure to get pictures of your bicycle as well. Ask the driver for his contact information and his insurance information also.

Cooperate with the policeWhen the police arrive, don’t be hesitant to tell them everything that happened from your perspective. In the majority of these situations, the driver will be at fault, but you won’t want to take any chances by leaving anything out. Remember, don’t blame the driver or become accusatory. Simply tell the officer what happened as you recall it. You can always call the station a few days later to have the facts read back to you, and correct anything that isn’t right. At this point, it may behoove you to contact a personal injury lawyer or a car accident attorney.

Get medical treatmentSeek medical treatment as soon as possible after your accident. Even if your injuries don’t seem life-threatening or hospital worthy, you absolutely still need medical attention. Refusing medical care will make getting any compensation from the insurance company extremely hard to do, who will consider you unharmed from the accident.

Contact your attorney to start a claimFind an experienced personal injury attorney who can help you file your claim with the insurance company. It may seem as though you don’t need an attorney, but without one, you may receive a severe underestimate of your payout. When you’ve been hurt in a car accident and have substantial medical bills, this can get frustrating, so secure legal consultation. If you plan to file a lawsuit, then you will definitely need an attorney.

There are roughly six million car accidents every year in the United States. By following these steps, and all of these steps, you can protect yourself in every aspect possible if you’ve been hurt in a car accident.

We hope you are never in one of these situations, but if you are, please contact us immediately. We can help you protect yourself financially and legally in the wake of an accident.