Which season is the worst for car accidents in california?

Law Offices of Steven Zwick
Mar 16 2022

Car accidents are terrible. They can injure you, damage your car, and set back your entire day. That being said, sometimes they are unavoidable and you simply have to deal with their aftermath. In those cases, a great car accident attorney is a wonderful asset and an outstanding ally to your recovery and to getting the settlement you deserve.

What is the Worst Time of Year
for Car Accidents in California?

One of the worst seasons for car accidents in California is the holiday season and winter. This is not because of anything like winter weather, as California is relatively dry and warm all year round, but rather due to the increased volume of people that are on the road traveling during the holiday season. More often than not, people are not paying attention when they are on the road, about 80% of all accidents involve driver inattention.

This season is especially dangerous as it does mean that there are more people on the road, there may be people that are not familiar with the area and with the roads, which means they may end up causing accidents. It is harder for those that do not come from an area or are not familiar with the area, it can be stressful, and they can end up getting flustered and cause an accident.

What to Do If you are In an Accident?

If you are in a car accident, and you are dealing with the fall out of an accident, it is so important that you contact a car accident attorney for help. A car accident attorney is going to be able to help you through the process of filing a lawsuit if you think you need one, and also help you get the help you need. Recovering after a car accident is something that can be so challenging.

With the help of a great attorney, you can get the help you need, and you can get the support that you need to bring legal action against someone if you need to or just get your settlement from your own insurance or their insurance. It can be scary to figure out what to do after an accident, with the right help, however, you can come out on top and get a great result.