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Losing a loved one will always feel “wrong,” but the term “wrongful death” refers to something more specific. When someone dies as the result of another person’s mistake, their family has every right to take legal action against the person or people who caused their death. For instance, you could hold any of the following people legally and financially accountable for a wrongful death: the at-fault driver in an auto accident, the doctor who prescribed the wrong medicine, or the neglectful caretaker who failed in their nursing home duties.

Why Choose Zwick Law?


Despite our decades of experience in this area of law, we at the Law Offices of Steven Zwick would never presume to understand what you’re going through. Every loss is different, and each one is devastating in its own way. We fully respect your situation and want only to help you get through this with as little difficulty as possible. For our part, we’ll handle the legalities so you can focus on healing.

Hold the responsible party accountable.

In law, proving fault isn’t about getting revenge on the responsible party. Rather, it’s about making sure that person (or those people) don’t ever cause the same harm to anyone else. By filing a claim on behalf of your loved one, you could be saving future lives.

Address your immediate financial needs.

While financial stress pales in comparison to your loss, it’s still a very real concern. Fortunately, a successful wrongful death claim can cover a number of costs, including funeral expenses, the would-be income of your loved, and more.

Protect other families from the same tragedy.

One of the most common comments we hear from our wrongful death clients: “I don’t want anyone else to ever have to go through this.” We agree. By taking a stand for your tragedy, you are in turn doing your part to prevent history from repeating itself.

What Costs Can a Wrongful Death Claim Cover?

  • Medical expenses. Many wrongful deaths are preceded by days, weeks, or even months of hospital and other medical bills. These are among the costs that a wrongful death claim can cover.
  • Loss of companionship & support. Although there’s no clear-cut way to measure companionship and support, California courts recognize that these are the biggest losses that come with wrongful death. As such, they may award additional payment for those emotional losses.
  • Funeral and burial costs. Funeral and burial expenses catch many families off-guard, but because they’re a direct result of your loved one’s accident, they’re included in the list of fees you can claim.
  • Loss of care & protection. As with companionship and support, care and protection are abstract but undeniably real losses that accompany wrongful death. If your case is presented effectively, you could be compensated even more as a reflection of this fact.
  • Loss of wages & potential financial contributions. Life insurance exists for a reason, but that doesn’t mean you can’t claim compensation for the potential income your loved one may have earned if it weren’t for their accident.
  • Pain and suffering. If you believe your loved one experienced unnecessary pain and suffering before passing away (be it mental or physical), we will make sure that fact is acknowledged and appropriately addressed by the court.

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