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Rancho Santa Margarita Truck Accident Attorney

Most drivers in the Rancho Santa Margarita area are accustomed to seeing large commercial trucks on local roads. The state’s economy and the supply chain of the entire country are heavily reliant on commercial trucking. While rarer than passenger vehicle accidents, truck accidents do happen throughout the state from various causes, and they often result in devastating losses for those involved.

Rancho Santa Margarita Truck Accident Lawyer

Helping Truck Accident Victims Recover in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

If you or a family member recently sustained injuries and financial losses from a truck accident in the Rancho Santa Margarita area, you need an experienced attorney you can trust to help prove liability for the incident and recover compensation for you. The team at The Law Offices of Steven Zwick is confident in our ability to handle the toughest truck accident claims for our clients. While these incidents often occur for the same reasons that all other car accidents happen, they tend to result in far worse damages and more complex issues of liability.

Our team has the experience and professional legal resources necessary to address your unique concerns in your truck accident case. The sooner you reach out to our firm, the more time we have to thoroughly review the details of the incident and construct a compelling complaint for you.

How to Determine Liability for a Truck Accident

Like any other vehicle accident, proving fault is an essential first step you must complete before you can recover any compensation for your losses. California follows the fault rule when it comes to resolving vehicle accidents and proving fault will involve different challenges in every accident claim filed in Rancho Santa Margarita. One issue that often arises in truck accident cases is vicarious liability. This applies whenever one party bears responsibility for the actions of another party, usually an employer bearing fault for their employee’s actions.

Trucking is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the country, and all companies that hire truck drivers are required to follow very strict rules when it comes to ensuring proper training and certification, performing background checks on new hires, and enforcing hours of service rules and other industry regulations. It’s possible that your recent truck accident happened because of the actions of the truck driver, but their employer could share fault for the incident under the vicarious liability rule. Your Rancho Santa Margarita truck accident attorney can help resolve any such issues that might arise during your case.

Common causes of truck accidents include various forms of negligence, such as moving violations, speeding, and distracted driving. Due to the mechanical demands of a commercial truck, it is also possible for faulty maintenance or defective parts to cause a serious accident. Additionally, truck accidents may also occur because of illegal misconduct, like driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs.

Your Rancho Santa Margarita truck accident attorney can help gather the evidence needed to prove exactly how your accident happened and identify the party or parties responsible. Once you have determined fault, you can proceed with claiming compensation for your damages through an auto insurance claim.

Recovering Damages From a Truck Accident in Rancho Santa Margarita

Filing an insurance claim is the first step in recovering from an accident. Every driver must have vehicle insurance that meets basic coverage requirements, and an injured driver only has a limited time after an accident in which they can file a claim. Your attorney can guide you through the claim filing process, submitting all forms and documentation needed by the insurance company and resolving any disputes that arise.

Insurance companies tend to look for any reasons they can find to deny claims or justify the lowest possible settlement offers. However, your Rancho Santa Margarita truck accident attorney can help to ensure the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier processes your claim in good faith and delivers a fair settlement offer. After you obtain as much compensation as you can through insurance, the next step is to file a personal injury claim against the defendant who caused your damages.

California law allows the plaintiff in a personal injury case to seek compensation for:

  • All medical expenses incurred from the accident. The defendant who caused your injuries is liable for the cost of all immediate and future medical expenses you face in your recovery.
  • Lost income. When you are unable to work because of the injuries a defendant inflicted, they become liable for the wages you cannot earn during this period. If you are permanently disabled from your injuries, your attorney can help secure compensation for the future income you are no longer able to earn.
  • Property damage. Insurance may cover some vehicle repair costs, but any outstanding property losses qualify as economic damages in your personal injury case.
  • Pain and suffering. State law allows a plaintiff to recover compensation for physical pain and psychological distress suffered because of a defendant’s actions. Your attorney can assist you in determining a suitable amount that reflects the severity of your injuries and the time it could take you to fully recover.

When you choose The Law Offices of Steven Zwick to represent your truck accident case in Rancho Santa Margarita, our goal is to help you recover as much compensation as state law allows in an efficient manner. We have experience confronting the largest auto insurance carriers in the state on behalf of our clients and know how to maximize a settlement. When you must file a personal injury claim to recover your damages, our team can guide you through every step of your proceedings and help secure as much compensation as state law allows. The sooner you reach out to our team, the more time we will have to work on your truck accident case.

Truck Accident Lawyer FAQs

Q: Can I Still Claim Compensation if I Share Fault for a Truck Accident?

A: California enforces a pure comparative fault law that applies to any civil claim in which a plaintiff bears partial fault for their damages. The plaintiff will be assigned a fault percentage, and this percentage is taken from their final case award as a penalty. For example, if you bear 10% fault in a $200,000 claim, it will mean losing $20,000 of your case award. Your Rancho Santa Margarita legal counsel can help leverage evidence effectively to reduce any fault percentage assigned to you as much as possible.

Q: How Much Can You Claim in Damages for a Truck Accident?

A: The state’s personal injury law states that the victim of another party’s negligence or intentional misconduct has the right to seek full repayment of all economic damages they experienced; the victim can also seek compensation for their pain and suffering. The total value of your impending case hinges on the extent of your damages, and your Rancho Santa Margarita attorney may reveal avenues of compensation you may have overlooked by yourself.

Q: When Can You File a Personal Injury Suit for a Truck Accident?

A: Filing an insurance claim against an at-fault driver is typically the first step in recovering from a serious truck accident, but insurance alone may not fully compensate you for your losses. If the at-fault party does not have auto insurance or if their insurance cannot fully cover your total damages, you have the right to proceed with a personal injury claim. Additionally, insurance does not provide compensation for pain and suffering, so if you intend to seek compensation for your non-economic damages, you must do so through a personal injury case.

Q: Will I Win a Larger Settlement if I Hire a Rancho Santa Margarita Truck Accident Attorney?

A: While it’s technically possible to handle your own civil case without legal counsel, doing so is very risky and likely to be more challenging than you expect. Even if you manage to succeed without legal representation, you would be unlikely to recover as much compensation as a seasoned Rancho Santa Margarita truck accident attorney could secure for you. Hiring legal counsel that you can trust is the optimal way to maximize your final case award in any civil case.

Q: What Are Attorneys’ Fees for a Rancho Santa Margarita Truck Accident Attorney?

A: It’s natural to worry about the potential cost of hiring legal representation when you are already struggling with the expensive economic damages and the uncertainty of your medical condition. However, The Law Offices of Steven Zwick will not take any fees unless we win your case. There are no upfront attorneys’ fees, and you will pay nothing if we are unable to secure compensation for you. If we do win a case award for you, we take a percentage as our fee. This billing arrangement allows you to approach your case with confidence and peace of mind.

The Law Offices of Steven Zwick has cultivated a strong professional reputation as a top choice for personal injury counsel in the Rancho Santa Margarita area. We take time to learn as much as possible about every client we represent, ensuring personalized representation in every case. We know that your case is unique, and no two plaintiffs will have the exact same recovery experience. You can expect responsive communication from our team as your proceedings unfold, and we will do everything we can to guide you to the optimal outcome in your recovery efforts. Contact us today and schedule a free consultation with a Rancho Santa Margarita car accident attorney you can trust with your recovery.

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